Past Life Regression

Access the past experiences of your eternal soul for more clarity, healing, and power in this life.

Everything that has ever happened to you is stored in your subconscious mind. Whether you remember or not, memories don’t just exist in the past. If they’re not acknowledged, healed, and released we live the same story (dysfunction) over and over. This is part of our souls’ evolution. When we release this negative baggage, we evolve and get more of heaven on earth. Right here, right now. Take the lessons and wisdom from the past without losing yourself in the emotion or floundering in suffering.

Releasing the stories and baggage from this life or a past life will allow you to feel better today and in the future. The negative emotions that you feel plagued by are threads to follow to heal your soul. That way you can feel more peace, love, joy, and gratitude for the life you have today. This will make your everyday life richer and brighter with seemingly less effort. This session will move you into a deeper state of relaxation where you can access memories in this life or from previous lives.

Initial Session:

$160 (plan for 2.5 hours)

After that:

$120 (plan for 1.5 hours)

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