Gatherings & Classes

Ride the wave of the group vibration!

I love getting groups together so we can connect and ride the collective wave for fun and higher consciousness. We go farther and deeper together! While each gathering is unique based on the group, the season, moon cycles, goals, and intentions - below is an example of a regular group I facilitate in and around Minneapolis, MN.

The Energetic Adjustment

Within the comfort of this gathering…

We'll use short writing prompts, guided self-hypnosis, and healing sound vibrations to cleanse your energy field, raise your vibration, and increase your mental and energetic clarity. All so you can release what is blocking you and call in what you madly desire.

Think of this as your monthly energetic adjustment!

Release what’s blocking you & become a magnet for what you desire.

Embody more of who you’re meant to be.

Feel more aligned with what your soul came here to do.

Step closer to the divine plan for your life.

You’ll receive…

Journalling exercises: For more clarity now & better execution later.

Crystal sound bath: To brighten up your energy field & balance your chakras.

The collective high vibration of a group: To connect with others and ride the group energy to go deeper and higher!

Subconscious re-writing: Align yourself with your true soul calling from self-hypnosis for more effortless + automatic changes in your thoughts and emotions in the future.